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God’s Love Is Big

Phoenie came to visit today!….mom and dad came too!  Chris and I heard their car pull up and we opened the front door, anticipating the “group hug” ritual.  Phoenie came running towards us, with his  new little puppy, Lola, stuffed in his sweatshirt.  Apparently, group hugs include Lola now.

 With Easter approaching, I have been thinking about how to express God’s love for Phoenie in a way that a six-year-old would understand.  I wanted to remind him that there is more to Easter than egg hunts and marshmellow bunnies.  During recent visits to Sudbury,  I have witnessed how much Phoenie loves little Lola – he is so affectionate and gentle and he loves to run and play with her.  So, when I saw this  figurine, I knew it was the perfect gift.

boy and dog

After a long day playing outside and a fun evening cooking marshmallows over a roaring fire by the water, Phoenie was exhausted.  He snuggled up with Lola on the couch and was ready to fall asleep. Chris and I gave him a ” Greetings from the Easter Ribbit”  frog card and then we gave him his gift.  Right away, Phoenie knew that the figurine represented him and Lola.  He was also able to read all the words in the card that we had written to him.

” Phoenie, God loves you more than you love Lola.  Remember that. ”   He understood and he really liked his gift.   We didn’t need to say anything else.

I know that Phoenie loves Lola very much.  I also know that this special Easter gift will find its home on Phoenie’s bookshelf and remind him of God’s great love for him.

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  1. Kathy

    So heartwarming, Diane. I loved the little fIgure.
    Blessings to all of you for Easter. He Is Risen!!!

  2. Karen Perrott

    what a perfect gift for him – Good for you to find something so meaningful!!

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