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Good Bye Dinner

My little boy is heading to London, England in four days.  He’s going to Law School and his studies will be keeping him busy for the next two years. So,what did his mommy do?  I crocheted him a blanket, of course!  I spent many an evening these last couple of months, crocheting up a storm and praying for Drew as he prepares for this new season of life. It comforts me to think that every time he gets cold on those rainy and damp English days, he will be able to wrap himself in his big,blue blanket and think of his mommy.

We had a little going away dinner for him tonight but he ordered big! His requested menu included grilled asparagus and red pepper, wrapped in prosciutto and asiago cheese for an appetizer, prime rib roast, yorkshire pudding, baked potato, brown sugar carrots, garlic green beans and last but not least, cheesecake and homemade chai tea. We all enjoyed the meal but I particularly remember when I looked across the table and I watched my twenty three year old son enjoying all his favourite foods. I savored the moment and smiled. Little “Dwew” – all grown up and moving so far away. We talked about the time when he decided to be Superman when he was two years old, jumped off the couch and ended up in a little five inch arm cast. It just doesn’t seem that long ago.

I’m not sure how I feel about all this.  (I’ve been too busy crocheting to get in touch with my feelings!)

I think I’m happy, sad, proud, excited and a little concerned, all wrapped up in a very confident, “I think you’ve made a wonderful decision to take a risk and go for this adventure, Drew” attitude. What a wonderful opportunity to learn about God, about himself, about law and about life!

So, he and his pile of clothes, his new luggage, laptop carrier and some British Pounds are heading to the airport this Wednesday. He’s busy hanging out with his friends these days but lately,every time I see him, I just want to hug him. I won’t be seeing him until Christmas and to be honest, I can feel the tears welling up so I better stop thinking about it.

Life just keeps unfolding.

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  1. Barb

    Sorry Diane that you have to go through all this. No words of wisdom, except that being a Mom of adult children is a lesson in the faithfulness of God for us as we miss our kids so much, and faithful in keeping a very close watch over our kids and is worthy of our trust. Why is it that I Continually keep needing to learn this lesson over and over again.

    I know you’ll miss him and wish in a small way that he’d stay at least on this continent, but also know that he won’t let you down, and the life lessons he has learned under the umbrella of your care, will some day make your chest burst with Joy when he walks up to the podium and receives his law degree. By the way, that will be tomorrow!

    I have been in your shoes a few times, and my heart goes out to you. Hope you don’t mind me telling you things you already know! It’s a Mom thing and heh…God made us that way!


  2. Kathy

    All the lessons and love you have shared with Drew, are wrapped up in the blue blanket. Each time Drew infolds his blanket, he will feel your love and the love of his family. Hugs.

  3. leigh

    I can understand better than anyone- since my baby(Olivia) lives there too! she left last aug. and we miss her so much! she is coming home in Nov. and we plan to go over there hopefully, the first of the year. Empty nest is tough for me.1 daughter in NYC, 1 in England, 1 in Tuscaloosa, and the boys are not close either~we have trained them up and have to let them fly! ily

  4. Linda

    Your love and prayers are hand-stitched into that beautiful blue blanket. He will wrap himself in that everytime he wants to feel a little bit of home! What a wonderful gift Diane! You did a great job! xo

  5. Danae

    pretty jealous i wasnt there just for the yorkshire pudding and asparagus….

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