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Good Times at Camp

Hey guys! It’s me, Phoenix . . . again. Nyuck,nyuck, nyuck . . .and this is my dog, Lola.


This morning,I’m going to tell you all about my overnight class trip. I was REALLY looking forward to this because it was my first overnight camp ever. It was a really long bus ride but it was definitely worth it. We were yelling and singing on the bus – there were 35 of us Grade 7’s. I was sitting at the back so I felt all the bumps. Papak says the back of the bus is always the best place to sit.

My favourite activity at camp was zip-lining and the rifle range. I got to shoot pellet guns at targets and with ten shots, I got 2 bullseyes – smack dab in the middle! And I wasn’t even wearing my glasses! I zip-lined once before in a friend’s backyard but I always hit a tree to stop so I liked this zip-line a lot better. I also liked the team building activity when 16 other people pulled me up with a rope to the top of a telephone pole and then I pulled the pin and free fell.

The food was OK except I didn’t like lunch one day because it was pizza . . .and I don’t like pizza so I just ate fruit and drank hot chocolate. I brought some junk food too, of course! After 5:00, we had free time and my cabin was crazy. There were nine of us – Leo, Jacob, Michael, Dylan, Caleb, Elijah, Albert and me. The first night, we all said a prayer and then told each other scary stories and jokes until it was lights out time at 11:30. Albert and Dylan were shining their flashlights everywhere so I went to take their flashlights but on the way back to my bed, Albert came from behind and smacked me hard with a rock hard couch pillow. My nose and mouth bled and four teachers came and help me get up.  The bleeding stopped and I wasn’t mad. Albert doesn’t know his own strength. It took me a while to fall asleep because I had kleenex shoved up my nose.

Besides that traumatic event, everything else went well. We played Capture the Flag and Manhunt in the dark and we had glowing wrist bands. Besides the first night, it was a really fun camp except Albert told a really creepy story the second night.

Next year, when I’m in Grade 8, I will be going to Ottawa.  I have to make sure that I either room with someone else other then Albert or take away all the pillows in the room!

That’s all, folks.

I’ll be back on Monday because I will be writing about a birthday “surprise”!



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