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Good Times In Ottawa

So, the first day in Ottawa is coming to a close and I asked everyone in OVERFLOW this question:


Sam: Oh man.. There were SO many things that made this trip so memorable. I don’t even know where to begin! But if I were to sum it up, the highlight of this trip was definitely the amazing and unique bonding experience that came out of it. Through Diane and Linda’s childish bantering in the LONG car ride during the traffic jam, the younger girls’ attempt to surprise the older women with a fully prepared dinner, the awesome tour (with a REALLY cute tour guide) of the Parliament buildings, meeting and talking with Senator Anne Cools, and playing movie charades while waiting for dinner are just a few of the many things that brought us group of ladies closer together! Just looking back on all those times brings such a huge smile on my face! It’s so amazing! This trip has been such a unique and interesting experience for us as Overflow to bond through travelling and visiting another city together. I honestly can’t wait to see how this group and the relationships within it will continue to grow!

Anneke:  Well, I have to think about this.  I loved meeting Senator Anne Cools.  She’s a really neat person.  My other favourite moment was that Mrs. Lindstrom was crocheting a blanket in the car on the way here, and without knowing it, she started crocheting on the wrong side, so the blanket looks totally wonkey.  Linda and I were laughing so hard a. we were exhausted, and  we had to pee really bad.   That has to be my favourite moment. So far.

Emily: My favourite memories so far involved food. The younger women (myself included) made dinner Sunday night at 10 PM. We handled massive knives and almost started a fire when we tried to toast buns. It was delicious anyways! Then, we went to Sugar Mountain and….do we really need to explain? We got sugar. Lots of sugar. Finally, monday night, we went to a buffet-only restaurant. It was my first time, but I was well educated by the group. It has been a great trip!

Megan ( CAUSE I’M THE BEST) : Today was one of the best days of my life but I think the highlight of today was spending $40 on candy at the Sugar Mountain and not knowing.  We just kept putting more and more candy into a bag.  We didn’t know how much it was going to cost but when we went to the cash register the price was $40. OH NO… WHAT WILL I TELL MY PARENTS?

Linda: What a great day ~ actually meeting a Canadian Senator and spending the day with her.  What an honour it was to meet her and talk with her.  She was so gracious to us and enjoyed our visit as much as we did.  I love these little adventures that we have shared together, laughing, talking, eating, and meeting influential people who are making a difference in our world!  I LOVE this group!

Karen: After much anticipation, we finally got to Ottawa and headed for the  Parliament  buildings. I loved our personal tour  and then our  VIP lunch with Senator Anne Cools.  I was impressed with her energy level, and found her to be a very  wise, well read  woman. I feel very confident that she would make informed, discerning decisions regarding legislation. It was fun to talk about our visit later with our whole group . Interesting to compare notes of the older and the younger women!

Gloria: The best time was when in the car way into Ottawa. The long drive into it, especially the highway trafffic because of one lane was closed. That was annoying and suspenseful yet sooooo funny at the same time. I really liked it because I totally bonded with Karen and we laughed over the “rat” and the lowwwww gas and the stupid GPS didn’t work it went crazy. We also didn’t get awkward over it. We stuck our heads out and went bizarre. 🙂

Coco: We had a great talk with the Senator Cools and a wonderful tour at the Parliament. Everyone seems very friendly working in the Parliament: the securities, the Senators, the secretaries, and etc. Senator Cools shared some great essons with our younger generation. She talked about how young people should read more, exercise more, and have a close relationship with their parents. She mentioned that people nowadays do not pay as much as attention to the public affairs. It was my first time talking to a Senator and she seems to be in love with what she is doing. I love the passion that she has for her job and I hope I will find my passion in the near future, too.

It’s been quite a day.  Never a dull moment, that’s for sure.

I’m so thankful for each woman in this group.

We miss you Danielle, Ann Marie, Florence and Elizabeth!  Love to you all, from us all!

…and to all a good night!

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  1. Danielle

    Sounds like a fantastic time so far… wish I were there with you all!!!

  2. Florence

    that sounds like such an amazing time!!!! i wish i were there tooooo
    see you guys next time we meet up!!!!

  3. Megan Law

    Heyy everyone posted their paragraphs ahead of mine 🙁

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