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Goofing Around

Summer’s a great time to goof around.

Last week, we lent our home to a family and the two young boys in the picture had a great time.

Simple outdoor fun. Swimming in the rain. Who cares about grey skies?

boys swimming in the rain

Here’s a part of mom’s thank you email:

The week went great!  The boys LOVED the train tracks and the clay mud.  Your neighbors were really sweet and protective to tell the boys about train safety.  They had a blast collecting the spikes…you would think that they were worth millions. 

rail road spikes

They collected various pieces from the train tracks so they could each spell their names.  They look soooo cool.  Next step is to figure out how to mount them or weld them.  An exciting project.  I think if they could, they would’ve walked miles along the tracks.  They were so intrigued.  The clay was also a highlight…covering themselves in clay, making clay balls, etc…. These boys love finding adventures.

Sun kissed . . .chilling out . . . no video games — just outside adventures.

Like the “good ol’ days.” (Am I actually referring to the “good ol’days”??)

My summers as a child were filled with “1-2-3, You’re it!”, swimming, hiking, games, playing school, fort making, chasing boys, swinging in the park, dancing and gymnastics.

They were indeed memorable days.

Just like these young boys experienced for a few days last week. I should have suggested that they go minnow catching off the dock too.

Great video below – take a couple of minutes and enjoy. Maybe watch it outside!


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