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Chris and I went to bed last night, thinking of Pia.

You know who I’m talking about, right? The young woman who loves to sing ballads on American Idol took a big risk on Wednesday night and belted out “River Deep, Mountain High” with all her might.   She was just coming into her prime, getting more comfortable with the glitz and the glamour,  moving around the stage and connecting with the audience.  One thing for sure –  she had a beautiful voice – but she got eliminated last night.

The announcement left everyone speechless. The judges were shocked and her fellow contestants were in tears.  I’m sure everyone in TV land was very frustrated.  I know we were.  The point is that she clearly should not have been cut last night.  She was most definitely a top contender but Americans didn’t vote for her so that’s it.  She will tour with the top eleven but her journey with the American Idol competition has ended.

Pia’s disappointment and sadness was obvious but what really stood out to me was her grace.  While everyone else had the opportunity to deal with the shock in their own way, Ryan Seacrest asked Pia to sing one last time.  Can you imagine how difficult that must have been for her?  But watch the video and pay particular attention to the way that Pia stands tall, despite the deep emotion that she feels.

Pia is young, yet so full of grace.

Then there is Martin Sheen, who bleeds defensiveness and anger.


Two very public people, two very different perspectives on life.

I choose grace.

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