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There is something about a graduation that makes me tingle inside – and I have the honor of attending two of my adult children’s graduations in less than a week!  When those bagpipes herald the graduates’ proud entrance, I get a big lump in my throat and my eyes start to water.  What is that?? It happened today as Danae’s graduating class filed into the gym at Sir Sandford Fleming College and I know it will happen again on Monday when Drew graduates from the University of Western Ontario.

Danae was so nervous about walking across that stage this afternoon that she almost didn’t join the procession – no doubt she was hounded by echoes of “face your fears” that she had heard me say all through her growing up years – but she made it!  She scampered across the stage so quickly that if you blinked, you would have missed her.  Her supervisor mispronounced her name but no matter – with diploma in hand and collar adorning her neck, she giggled with her classmates as she breezed by us, desperately trying to dodge the flashing cameras. She was looking forward to hugging her professors and scooting out of there, never to return.

Meanwhile, out of the blue, Danae’s boyfriend, Mike, casually turned to me and whispered, “Diane, did you remember to put the seat down after you used the toilet?”  This out-of-context question took me off guard for a moment and then horror struck.

Danae recently acquired another kitten and Boo, her household cat, was NOT impressed.  I wasn’t aware that animals could  get their nose out of joint so easily and more than once, we witnessed Boo pouncing on the kitten and vocalizing her most domineering hiss. We decided it would be best if we separated the felines while we were at the graduation. The kitten had been put in the bathroom and I was the last one to use the facilities.

Mike quickly texted his dad to ask him to check on the kitten while he, his mom and I anxiously awaited for the news that had the potential to put a real damper on Danae’s special day. Meanwhile, unaware that Danae had taken her purse off our chairs, Mike’s mom and I were also a bit tense, wondering how we were going to tell her that her purse was stolen during the graduation ceremony.

So, the reality was that we were all sitting at the edge of our seats but it had nothing to do with the graduation tingle of excitement!

Good news! The kitten is still alive, the mystery of the missing purse was solved and Danae is now a graduated and licensed massage therapist. Life goes on, the adventures continue, and there is never a dull moment in my days!

CONGRATULATIONS, DANAE!  ….and any time you want to practise up on those massage techniques, the entire family will be happy to oblige!

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  1. kathy

    I can picture your dilemmas…..
    Congratulation to Danae-what a wonderful profession-so helpful to so many!!
    Looking forward to it, Danae!

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