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Groundhog/Beaver/Otter Thing

Hi! It’s Phoenix again – another day at Papak and Nana’s house!

Today, I got to hang out with Kelvin all day. We wrestled, played football, watched TV, played Ladder Ball, had lunch together, went to his place for a while – you know, all the stuff we do around here.

We were outside on the road when it happened.

At first, Kelvin and I thought it was an otter.

Kelvin saw a flash go across the road and I went over to check it out. Suddenly, I noticed some movement in between the neighbour’s garbage cans. I thought the animal looked like a prairie dog because it was standing on its hind legs and it had the same kind of face as a prairie dog. ┬áNana thought I would be scared but I didn’t feel that at all.

I decided to take a video (see below) and eventually, we backed up a bit and threw some sticks nearby so whatever animal it was would run out from behind the garbage pails. And we were right! All of a sudden, the mystery creature ran across the road. At that point, I was confused about what this thing was! We came back to the house and told Papak, Nana and Mom that we saw an otter. They were definitely wondering about that because they thought otters are normally in the water. In the picture I took, the animal looks like a beaver with a weird tail and I can tell you, this thing moved really quickly but Papak didn’t think it was a beaver because there’s no nearby streams. Papak decided it was a groundhog but none of us have ever seen a groundhog with such a flat tail.

My mother was very sure that it was either an otter or a beaver. “I know it’s not a groundhog.”

We have rabbits in the back yard and birds in the front tree at home but we don’t see really cool animals like I do at Nana and Papak’s house. Last year, Papak came face to face with a bear and we certainly haven’t seen THAT in Oakville!

Take a look at my video!


Signing off,

Phoenix Slobodian


  1. Kathy

    I think your animal is a beaver…. But….. Not sure…..

    • Diane (Author)

      I know, right? Not sure Chris is right on this one.

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