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Guest Anecdote

So my wife needs rest tonight. I watch and hear about what her days are like and it amazes me. The types of things that Diane gravitates toward are not those that most of us would even think of trying, or might even run from (myself included). Shortly after meeting Diane, I began to learn what this meant.

You read about the people who, in an emergency or dramatic situation, don’t think twice, but act. That’s her. A couple of years into our marriage, out at a play with friends during intermission, we were standing at the base of a long concrete stairway that led to the upper lobby. Over the din of theatre-goer chatter, we heard a woman let out an Agatha Christie scream. My first thought was, “Oh no! Someone has fallen from the upper level” some 20 feet above us. I turned toward Diane to ask what she thought might have happened and she was long gone, running, already halfway to where the scream had come from.

By the time I had walked over (at a brisk pace I might add), she was down on the ground, tending to a man who had collapsed on the spot and not plummeted from above like I had imagined (I blame the scream). It turned out that he was just a bit dehydrated or some such thing and Diane’s requests for help soon brought medical assistance, after which, we went back to watch the second act.

So there you go. My Diane. My wife. And me.

The other day we talked about how we’d fair as a team on The Amazing Race. My thought was, not too badly. I’m really good with maps and clues and stuff.

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