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Guy Time

Chris and Phoenie are back from their “guys only” fishing and camping trip – no girls allowed.

The boys had a blast together and when they came back,  Phoenie told me about all his “first time ever” adventures.

I asked Phoenie to write and draw about his favourite times with Papak during their three days away. (Once a teacher, always a teacher – what can I say?) This is what Phoenie came up with, all on his own.

These are seven of Phoenie’s best and unedited memories of the camping trip, starting at the top of his page:

“Phoenix pass acorn to chipmunk

papak lights fire well (while) phoenix sits down

phoenix and papak just finish putting up tent (Phoenie just told me that “it was a LOT of work.”)

phoenix sees water snake under rock

When papak lit the fire we told stories

phoenix lurns to play (backgammon)  from papak 

phoenix and papak catch fish at same time”


Chris loves his times with his grandson. Phoenie loves his times with his Papak.

They both came home exhausted and they both came home smiling.

I don’t think it gets much better than this.

“Papak is fun and he loves challenging games, just like me. He’s my favourite grandpa. Camping is a time to be outdoors, even when you’re sleeping and best of all, I’m with Papak.”                   Phoenie – July, 2012

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  1. Suzanne Lambert

    Beautiful. They are truly blessed to have each other.

  2. Kathy taylor

    Just warms my heart…the trusting innocence of a child who loves his Papak!

  3. cousin Aili

    Chris (in April 2011) said at the TEBK how blessed he was to have met and married Diane. “I became a husband, a father and a grandfather … all at the same time”. You should have seen the wall to wall smile when he said this. I am so happy for both Phoenie and Chris – they will have a very special bond.

    • So true, Aili! Chris and Phoenie have a really wonderful relationship. I just love watching them together.
      I, too, am blessed to have met and married Chris. Diane

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