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Happy B’Day, Mom!

Hey, it’s Phoenix again!

I haven’t posted much recently but it’s my mom’s birthday today so I thought it would be a good day to blog and hang out with Nana.

So, my mom really isn’t turning 40 years old – it does say, “Just kidding” in smaller letters on my birthday card to her.

But it really is her birthday today. Nana and Papak came to visit and I shot nerf bullets at everyone. I’m waiting very patiently for chocolate cake. I was really tempted when I was asked to take it down to the refrigerator downstairs but after the shortbread¬†Christmas incident, I decided I better keep my hands off . . . at least for now.

Nana told me I had to come up with three “mushy” things to say about mom. So here it goes.

  1. My mom is always there when I need her.
  2. I think she understands me most of the time.
  3. She really likes my sense of humour. (Please see homemade birthday card below)

But let me go one step further.

“Mom, I love you and I hope you have a great birthday!”¬†

That’s enough mush. I have a plan to shoot Papak with three nerf guns now. See ya’ later!

Here’s my homemade birthday card for my mom . . . and she loved it!


















  1. jessie burgess

    Love the card Phonie. Homemade ones are the best…they say exactly what you want to say. Happy Birthday to your Mom. xo ‘Mrs. B.’

    • Diane (Author)

      I will pass your birthday greetings along, Mrs. B.,…and I will remind Phoenie that homemade cards are definitely the best!

  2. Kathy

    Oh you’re a monkey Phoenix!!!
    I hope she really did like your humour!!
    Please wish your mom a very happy under 30th birthday!!!

    • Diane (Author)

      I will definitely pass your message along, Kathy. He is indeed a monkey!

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