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Happy Birthday, Drew!

Twenty three years ago today, my son was born. After having two girls, I was so shocked that I had become the mother of a little boy.  To be honest, it quite overwhelmed me. I wasn’t ready for this big change and it took quite a while to adjust to both a third child and having a boy.

Last night, I was texting my daughter and she mentioned that she and her family were taking Drew out for a birthday dinner at Red Lobster.  She texted, “Guy (my son in law) told me to tell you that Drew says he’s waited 23 years for this.”  I had no idea that Drew enjoyed Red Lobster so much…which led me to tell him this little story today for the first time.

Twenty three years ago, our family was actually in Red Lobster, having dinner together.  I was four days overdue with Drew and the doctor had told me earlier that day that if I didn’t go into labor that night, I would have to be induced the next day. ( I had gestational diabetes with this pregnancy so the doctor was concerned that the baby might get too big)  I really didn’t want to be induced so I decided to walk home from Red Lobster to see if the exercise would bring on labor.

Well, it did….in a big way.

About three quarters the way home, my water broke. It was probably the most physically uncomfortable situation I have ever been in.  There were no cell phones back then so there I was, walking along Yonge Street in labor, not being able to get in touch with anyone.  When I say that I waddled home, I really did.  I waddled my way back to the house, announced to my neighbors that I was in labor, jumped in the car with my family, headed to the hospital and about six hours later, Drew popped out.

I don’t think that I’ve been to Red Lobster since and apparently, neither has Drew. So, when he says he has waited 23 years for Red Lobster, it’s really true!

I love you, Drew!

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  1. Kathy

    A Very Happy Birrhday to you Drew!!
    And Diane, I can’t believe you did that!!! Scary!! (how far did you walk?)

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