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Happy Heart

Everyone needs a friend like Linda.

This is the friend you don’t see very often but when you get together, it’s like you were never apart.  She grabs a tea and a blanket, plunks herself down on a comfy chair in the living room and starts telling stories. She has packed lightly for a sleepover but her book bag is exploding with all the great literature she’s digested over the past few months, pages of questions, quotes and observations and good snacks. She’s thrilled to be my “tester” as I feed her two vegan meals, she yearns to draw closer to Jesus AND she loves long walks and talks.

What a great couple of days we spent together.

She recently posted these thoughts:

George Muller said that in the morning before he went out or did anything:

 “I must have my heart happy in God or I will be of no use to anybody. I’ll either use them, or try to get them to satisfy my cravings and my vacancies.

Choosing happiness and joy in God is like dipping into an inexhaustible well. The water is always fresh.  LMN

Interesting thought – a heart that is happy in God. Content. Focused. At peace.

Like a soothing wave washing over me. Deep connection. Needs fulfilled.

Intimacy with Him. Into me, see.

As you start into this new week, may He be the first place you run and the place you stay the longest.

With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation. Isaiah 12.3


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