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Helping Others

I was working away on my elliptical machine and watching some talk show with Chandra Wilson as a guest. Chandra is better known as Dr. Miranda Bailey in the TV drama, Grey’s Anatomy.

She was talking about some difficult times in her life and concluded by saying, “Let’s get to the ‘through’ part and then bless up on other people.” She went on to explain that the rough seasons in our lives are not wasted if we see them as opportunities to learn, grow and then, intentionally turn to another person to help him/her learn and grow.

I totally agree — except for one part. I think it’s good to emote as you’re going through the “through” part as well as when you’re on the other side of it. I have learned great things from my mistakes; especially when I’m not spending all my energy denying them. Sometimes the wrong choices have brought me to the right places and it’s good to share that journey with others.

People understand weakness. God can turn the wounds of one valley walker into wisdom for another.

No question — people help people grow.

we rise by lifting others

He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.       Proverbs 11.25 NIV


  1. Kathy Taylor

    Well put Diane. I totally agree with you! Looking forward to hearing you speak……

  2. dianelindstrom (Author)

    …and I’m looking forward to and greatly appreciate your support!

  3. So true Diane. My life has proved that over and over again.

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