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How’s the Weather In Your Life?

It’s almost midnight.

It’s been a very long day and I was thinking of not posting but I did make an interesting observation at the store this afternoon. It’s not particularly profound but it’s an observation, nonetheless.

Have you ever noticed that no matter what the weather is like, it’s not “quite right” for a lot of people?

I did an informal survey of my customers in the store today over an eight hour shift and the results were pretty interesting. Now, you have to understand that it was about 14°C and sunny all day. People were walking around in sweaters but I didn’t see any heavy coats, mitts, hats or boots. In fact, it was pretty busy in the store today with the dry cleaning because everyone is putting winter away.

Spring has sprung around here — it’s what so many people have been pining for these last few weeks — but they’re still not happy.

70% of the customers talked about the weather with me and EVERY ONE of those people complained about the wind. Most of these customers prefaced their comments with something like, “Finally, it’s warm BUT . . .

I don’t know if its just a typical conversation “start-up” dynamic, a human nature dynamic or both but from my perspective, it was a pretty nice day out — nothing to complain about.

I’m kinda’ wondering if it has something to do with the weather “within”  . . .

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  1. Anne

    Dr. Phil says if you make a comment and then say BUT, it totally negates what you said before. Interesting thought.

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