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“I Am Still Learning.” Michelangelo, age 87

This was definitely one of my favourite winter days of the year.

All I needed was a young, bright-eyed, adventure-minded, warmly-student to brave the wild winds and the snow swirls with me. When that person arrived at my door, I quickly layered up in warm clothes, wrapped a scarf around my face, threw my boots on and together, Glen and I headed to the wild side – the lake front.

Honestly, I felt like we were in the Arctic. What an exhilarating time! Our cheeks were bright red and our toes were numb but we pressed on and accomplished our mission in less than an hour. What teamwork! Glen gave the instructions – he had a plan. I followed.

Fifty-eight minutes later? Igloo, barricade walls, awesome fort and to top it off, we even built an animal trap. (Just in case, some wild winter beasts showed up, interested in eating leftover Tuna Melts.)

What a glorious time together.

I will never be too old to build a fort.



  1. Kathy

    You certainly go on great adventures!!

    • Diane (Author)

      Hope I’ll continue to do so, Kathy!

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