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I Do Wonder About Winter…

Winter is coming. The patio furniture has been stored away and our small deck looks vast and empty. The dock has been brought in, the marine railway has been hauled out of the water and stacked on the shore, snow tires have been switched on the car and the Christmas lights are up. The water level on the lake is so low that we actually have a sandy beach to walk on (with a apair of warm boots that-is).  The sun is setting on the left side of Thorah Island and it gets dark so early in the afternoon that it’s easy to lose track of time on a this chore-filled Saturday.

I have mixed feelings about the advent of winter.  I love the coziness of it all, the brisk temperatures and taking Phoenie, my grandson, to the toboggan hill just around the corner from here. In this neighbourhood, tobogganing is VERY cool because you slide down and then the neighbour’s snowmobile pulls you back up the hill! It’s the lazy man’s way to have fun but hey, you get a whole lot more runs in before your feet start getting cold! The frozen lake is beautiful and I enjoy watching the fish huts pop up on the horizon. My oldest daughter had a winter wedding this year so I have some wonderful memories of sparking lights hanging in the trees and Chris walking her down the snow crunching walkway. Of course, there is nothing more beautiful than a fresh snow fall blanketing the trees around here and who doesn’t love putting the carrot nose on the front lawn snowman?

On the other hand, there’s our icy porch and the whipping winds off the lake. There’s the snow shovelling and the cold car to climb into every morning. I don’t like the slushy, grey roads and the early darkness every day. My husband and I secretly battle for the “right” temperature in the house.  When he’s not here, I turn the thermostat down. When he gets home and I’m not looking, he turns it up. That’s the way it goes all winter long.

Well, now that I’ve focussed on the pros and cons of this season, I can confidently say that the good stuff that goes along with winter definitely wins out over the not so good stuff. To be honest, I am very thankful for the four clear-cut seasons that we, in Southern Ontario can enjoy. If I didn’t have winter, I would really miss it but I must confess that when it’s over, I’m more than ready to put all the scarves, mitts and boots away and welcome the spring.

So, Old Man Winter, bring it on!

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  1. Anne

    Ah, to have clearcut seasons! We have four as well – not yet winter, almost winter, winter, and lousy skiing. Minus 14 and snowing at the moment!

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