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I Want To Be A Chicken Farmer When I Grow Up

I love picking Monika up for tutoring. She lives on a farm and from the minute I start driving down the dusty concession roads towards her house, I’m hooked.  Alpacas are on the left of me and chickens are on the right. Dogs are barking and it’s not unusual to stop and patiently wait for a gaggle of geese, leisurely making their way across the road.  Farm machines that look like huge bugs with big eyes and extensive wings come rolling down the road and kick up choking billows of dust while the driver, way up in his tower, smiles and waves at me. School buses are chugging along but always pull to the side to let me pass.

It’s a different world out here and I thoroughly enjoy the ten minutes of exploration. No day is like another in farmland.

Yesterday, I turned into Monika’s driveway, barely missing the three cats hiding in the bushes. Bandit was barking and the newborn kittens were all nestled in the grass.  Monika’s brother had just hopped off his bike and was jumping up and down with excitement.

I just had to take a look at what was happening.

Twelve year old Connor wants to be a chicken farmer when he grows up. He’s build his own chicken coop outside and even figured out how to create his own bedroom incubator, where he keeps eggs so that he can be right there when those little chicks start to peck their way out of their shells. He knows everything there is to know about chicken farming and speaks with confidence when you ask questions and even when you don’t ask questions.

This is what Connor was excited about…

It was absolutely fascinating to watch these little chicks wiggle their way out of their shells and tumble onto the straw. I just stood there in awe. Connor’s dad joined us, put his hand on Connor’s shoulder and lovingly made some suggestions about tucking the eggs under the mother and covering the coop for the night so the chickens stay warm and protected. Then he headed back to the house to finish up a plumbing project. The vast wheat fields have been planted so Connor’s dad has a bit of breathing space to catch up on all the fix-it projects around the house.

Connor is most proud of his rooster. He’s got big plans for his animals and Monika tells me that he is always thinking about ways to make money and save for his own chicken farm one day.

Here’s a young man who really understands what it means to be proactive. He’s laser –  focused on chicken farming and every day is about taking care of his coop and his chicken friends. School is important and he does well there too…but chickens are his passion.

I can’t help but wonder where life will go for Connor…in a world of “wannabe” doctors and lawyers, it’s refreshing to see someone opt for the simple life. His dad wants him to be everything he can be but it’s integrity and a strong work ethic that motivates this young guy…

… and of course, a big love for little chickens.

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