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I Wonder Where I’m Going…

As you know, the school bus driving job didn’t fly.

The Independent Grocery Store isn’t hiring anymore – somehow, I missed that opportune moment, despite going in to see the manager on a regular basis.  Earlier in the summer, I was unofficially offered the job as the part time meat cutter but I just couldn’t picture myself standing in the back room swinging a meat cleaver.

So, I moved onto bigger things…smallMart – a cute little store, nestled in between the Post Office and Maxine’s clothing store on the main street of Beaverton.  The owner and I had a great little chat when my bike and I popped into the store a couple of weeks ago and somehow, we got talking about the book that I am currently writing.  Part time employment was looking like a real possibility as I pedalled my way home that day and I was looking forward to getting to know this little community by servicing their dry cleaning, blowing up helium balloons for special celebrations in the neighbourhood and selling chocolate bars to the local folk. Apparently, many elderly people come into smallMart to talk about their day and I know I would have enjoyed listening to their stories and helping them pick out birthday gifts for their grandchildren. Turns out that my Saturdays aren’t quite as free as the owner needs them to be so I am waiting to hear back from her.  At this point, I have my doubts.

I convinced a good friend of mine to make up some flyers to boldly advertise my tutoring services and I rode around the Beaverton and Cannington areas, introducing myself to the principals, guidance counsellors and secretaries. The problem is that tutoring needs don’t typically surface until a few poor marks make their way home to the parents so I have to wait on this one.

So here I am, mid September, with no job to support my writing. I definitely didn’t think this would happen.

I’m not worried. God knows the big picture. He’s got plans. I’ve noticed that the doors that I try to open don’t often go anywhere, while the doors that God opens…well, they lead to good places…unexpected places.  Isn’t that part of the adventure?  Isn’t that what faith is about?

Chris and I are confident that God has led me to a good place –  He has give me great passion to write and I know that He will fill in the missing pieces.

I love this encouragement from Lady Bird Johnson:  Become so wrapped up in something that you forget to be afraid.”

I’m not afraid. I just wonder where I’m going…


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  1. Debbie

    Diane, I admire your courage and faith. I’m not sure what your skill sets are besides writing, but can so picture you serving coffee in a cozy diner where you can hear stories, share tidbits of wisdom and faith and get lots of material for more writing. Keep following our Light and I’m sure you will find ‘your spot’ to support your gift of writing.

  2. Kathy

    I suppose it’s like bring on cruise control or auto- pilot…. With the Captain in Control…

  3. Jessie Burgess

    God knows where you are going Diane….and He is going to open doors for you to get where He wants you to be. Don’t be discouraged but just wait for His leading. I am sure that He will provide that extra income for you. Love ‘Mrs. B.’

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