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I’m Back!

Sure feels wonderful to be back home!

I celebrated with a very long water walk this afternoon, followed by experiencing that lovely feeling of unpacking and settling in.

I’ve got a few good stories about my travelling adventures so let me tell you one now.

The first night I stayed in Erie, Pennsylvania. I unpacked my bag in the hotel and headed to the elevator. I have no idea why I just didn’t walk down the stairs because I was intending to go to the hotel gym to work out but I suppose my choice was the result of a stiff back and a tired mind from a long trip. When I arrived at the elevator, there were about 30 women in wheelchairs, all waiting to use the elevator. ¬†Across from the elevator was a huge, open, brightly decorated room, bursting with colourful flowers and rows of very official looking women tapping away at their laptops. Of course, my curiosity peaked and I was compelled to ask what was going on.

I had plunked myself right in the middle of the 2017 Ms. Wheelchair America competition.

Very cool.

I started chatting with these beautiful women and anyone who knows me knows that I had plenty of questions!

An hour and many elevator ascents and descents later, I was sitting on the carpet, completely absorbed in listening to wonderful stories of resilience and perseverance. At one point, I actually pretended that I was the Master of Ceremonies asking that one big, important question to each of the women. They appreciated the challenge and practice of answering spontaneously. I knew that my Toastmaster years would come into handy some day!

What a hoot!  Forget the workout Рthis was much more invigorating.

I never did get to the gym that night but I sure enjoyed the experience of conversing with these bright, humorous and inspirational women!


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