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Interesting Question to Ask Yourself

I was watching a Facebook video yesterday of older women talking about what they would change if they were young again. They had some great thoughts but the one idea that really stood out to me was:

If I was young again, I wouldn’t make a ‘to-do’ list — I would make a ‘to-don’t-do’ list.”

This really got me thinking. What wouldn’t I do if I was young again? This is a tough one because I don’t have any regrets (see “No Regrets; just lessons learned” post) but I can think of some decisions I would change.

What wouldn’t you do if you could be younger again?

1. I wouldn’t have taken Physical Education in University. I would have become a Paramedic.

2. I wouldn’t have been so concerned about what others thought of me.

3. I wouldn’t have felt so embarrassed about my parents being divorced.

4. I wouldn’t have spent so much time in Speech therapy that I missed most of my elementary school arithmetic classes. To this day, Math is a challenge for me.

5. I wouldn’t have let Mark Schmidt kiss me behind the Red Barn after school.

6. I wouldn’t have gone to Slovak Language classes when I moved to Slovakia. I would have just dove into conversations with Slovak people and not worried about sentence structure and grammar so much.

7. I wouldn’t let myself be defined by gender roles.

8. I wouldn’t be so self-absorbed as a teenager.

9.  I wouldn’t watch as much TV as I did when I was young.

10. I wouldn’t have been so mean to Patti Dean. (see “Jealousy Unleashed” post)

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