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I had six appointments today. That’s what’s “us country folk”  do when we head to the big city. I planned back-to-back doctor/dentist/hair/work- related/tea time/dinner appointments so my day was jam-packed full…and to be honest, it was exhausting. By the time I finished getting poked and prodded in the dentist chair, I was getting a bit giddy.

Now, you have to understand how much I love “Just for Laughs” Gags -you know that Canadian silent comedy/hidden camera reality television show?  It just cracks me up.  The actors play silly pranks on unsuspecting subjects while the cameras capture the people’s responses. I just love watching what people do when they get into these hilarious situations. I don’t know why I find this show so funny but it definitely “hits my funny bone.”  If I could pick a perfect full time job for me, it would be playing these outrageous gags on people.

Anyways, after I was finished my dental checkup, I was standing in the front hall of the office, talking with the secretary. On the counter, there were three big bins – one was piled high with small tubes of toothpaste, the second was filled with dental floss kits and the third bin had an assortment of  lip balm containers.  It was obvious that all these sample sized products were free for the taking.

I have no idea what got into me but I suddenly felt inspired to play my own gag on the dental staff.  After I had paid for my appointment, I asked if I could have a couple of samples. The secretary responded with a friendly, “Help yourself” and that was my cue.

With exaggerated gestures, I nonchalantly proceeded to empty all three bins into a shopping bag that I had pulled out of my purse.  I placed the empty bins back onto the counter and started to walk out of the office. There were two people sitting in the waiting room, two secretaries, a dental assistant and to my delight, my dentist who just happened to be walking by at the perfect moment – and they all caught me in the act.

Expressions ranged from astonishment to disgust. The secretary was completely tongue-tied.  The dental assistant asked for my purse and told me that what I had done was totally inappropriate. The older man in the waiting room stood up and blocked the exit!  Meanwhile, my dentist was folded over in laughter and kept saying, “I really wish I had caught that on video.”

I started to laugh and assured the older man that I wasn’t taking all the samples. Somehow, my dentist knew how to “make light “ of the situation and before we knew it, everyone was chuckling.

As I left the office, the older man in the waiting room took my arm and said, “You got guts, young lady” and smiled….and I smiled back.

Like I said earlier, pulling pranks on people would definitely be my all-time-best-full-time-job!

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  1. Chris

    Was that a prank putting an ad at the end of the blog? i’ve run it 3 times expecting to see something funny…

    • What ad? I didn’t put an ad at the end of the blog…Diane

  2. Anne

    That’s hilarious!

  3. Danae

    OH MY GOSH MOM I can totally picture you doing this and thinking it was the funniest thing ..Good one

    • Yup, Danae……you must be a very proud daughter! 🙂 Love mom

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