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K Mart Adventure #2

Next Bratislava K Mart story…

One afternoon, I was doing some grocery shopping and suddenly, a loud, high-pitched alarm shrieked through the store.  Everyone dropped their groceries and headed to the exit door before I had the chance to ask any questions so I followed right behind them.  This happened shortly after we arrived in Bratislava so my language acquisition was minimal however,  I quickly “caught the drift” when I heard some Slovak women murmuring, “bomba.”  Some words are international.

When we got outside, there were probably a hundred police scurrying here, there and everywhere, pushing people into each other.  You can imagine the growing frustration amongst the crowd.  It was a perfect recipe for disaster – get a large number of uninformed and frightened people responding to a bomb threat on a hot and stuffy afternoon,  add a group of disorganized police officers and you end up with whole lot of disorder.   Top it off with one trigger-happy officer who fires two shots into the air to get everyone’s attention and you’ve got complete chaos.

As I stood in the parking lot, squished from all directions, a man beside me literally sunk to the ground.  I don’t know whether I was the only one who saw him collapse or it was a perfect example of the Bystander Effect but I quickly squatted down beside him in the tight crowd and checked to see if he was breathing.

If anyone has ever resisted taking a CPR course because the chance of ever using the procedure is so small, think again.  It happens.   Back in 1996, CPR also involved Artificial Respiration so I started doing exactly what I was taught to do.  Despite the number of people around me, no one offered to help.  I must have been administering CPR for over two minutes before a doctor identified herself and took over.  I’m happy to report that this man survived.  The doctor was a kind woman who went out of her way to tell me that I played a significant part in saving this man’s life.  It felt good.

By the way, there was no bomb…it was just another day at K Mart!

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  1. Karen Perrott

    You should have a film crew following you around !! It’d be a good movie!!

    • Kathy

      I agree. Or a great book!!!

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