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Karate Kid

Hi everybody!  It’s me – Phoenix Slobodian.

I’m back on the blog!

Nana came to get me yesterday and I’m spending the weekend with Papak and Nana.  Nana has to work today so Papak and I are having a guys’ day together. We’re going on the roof to hang Christmas lights ( I love going on the roof because I can see so much but people passing by wonder why a little kid is up there!)

I want to talk about karate today.

I started taking karate lessons in September because I always wanted to become more flexible and learn how to defend myself. My favourite part of karate is when I get to kick big, red bags. I showed Nana how high I can side kick and she told me it’s definitely getting higher…

Phoenie - side kick

….and I also showed Nana how far down I can get with the splits.

Phoenie - splits

I can also do a pretty high front kick. Nana calls it a front kick – I think that’s a gymnastics term – I call it a “swing my leg up” kick.  I go to karate lessons twice a week. I think I’m getting better. My punches are getting stronger and my kicks are getting higher.

Karate is fun but not funny. It’s actually a very serious sport and my teacher told me I only use it when I have to – like if someone is attacking me and I have to defend myself. I’m working on getting my yellow belt and maybe I’ll even get two belts this year.

Feet together, arms at your side and bow – that’s how I end every class. The teacher says, “kennaie”  – That means “bow”.

“Kennaie” to you!

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  1. Kathy Taylor

    Hey Phoenix,
    Welcome back. Great to hear you are taking Karate. At our Christmas on Christmas Eve, you can show Jeremiah, Cameron, and Madison. I know that the boys are taking jujitsu and would love to see your moves (downstairs of course at Elmet and Julianne’s). Also your BC cousin, Branden, in Whistler who is nine, has been taking kishendo for many years and loves it. I think the martial arts help your flexibility in other sports too.
    Good luck!

    • dianelindstrom (Author)

      Hi Kathy, Thanks for the comment. It will be really fun to see Jeremiah, Cameron and Madison on Christmas Eve. Maybe I should be bring my karate outfit!! 🙂 Phoenix

      • Kathy Taylor

        Sure! Why not!!

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