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Keeping An Eye On Me

My husband went on a “guys only” camping trip last week.

(I just can’t resist inserting this canoe comic – not that I’m implying anything about men and their canoes.)

Anyway, one of the rules was that there were no electronic devices allowed so communication with the outside world ended, once the men packed their allotted two pairs of underwear, wool socks, shorts, raincoat and toothbrush.

I gotta’ admit that I wasn’t keen about the “no communication” rule because as a woman, I know that “life happens between all your plans” and sometimes, the unexpected creeps up and knocks you cold…so I wanted to be able to contact Chris, if necessary.

Well, the guys had an answer to this dilemma.

It’s called the Check-in/OK message from Mini-Yo-We SPOT 2 SPOT Personal Tracker. 

Three or four times a day, us wives received an email, telling us where our husbands were located. It looked like this:

Mini-Yo-We SPOT 2 
 GPS location Date/Time:09/12/2012 21:30:42 EDT 
 Message:This is where the 2012 Men’s canoe trip is now. We are OK 🙂

Click the link below to see where I am located.

I wasn’t too interested in the latitude and longitude but I was happy to know that the guys had not been eaten by bears. It was fun to watch where their paddling and portaging was taking them.

Every time that I received an email, I was reminded of a verse from the Bible:

For the eyes of the Lord search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him.   2 Chronicles 16.9 NLT

I memorized this verse years ago as “for the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth”… like those strong beams of light that pierce the night’s darkness.

I really do picture the Lord’s eyes on me… He is my personal Tracker and I enjoy checking in with Him each day.

He knows my exact latitude, longitude and GPS location.

Oh Lord, You have examined my heart and know everything about me. Psalm 139.1 NLT

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  1. Thank you for the 2 Chronicles verse. I really needed that one today.

    Stephanie Rourke Jackson FASHION Magazine, Weddingbells Account Manager Sent via my iPhone  416-843-2891 (please excuse typos!)

  2. Barb

    Thank you Diane. Needed that today. Have written out those verses.

  3. This made my day haha, loved the canoe comic! 😀

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