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Kudos to Küllikky

It’s Kathy’s birthday today and I’m so glad that she was born.

When I married Chris, I was enthusiastically welcomed into a wonderful extended family and Kathy became the sister I never had.  How good is that?  She is a gift from God.

Kathy loves lavishly.

When I’m with her, I feel special because she’s “all there” in the conversation.  She gives me her full and genuine attention.

She is supportive, encouraging and faithful.

She tells me that if Ala (her mother) was still alive, she would have really loved me.

I wake her up with an early morning phone call and she doesn’t make me feel guilty.

She is a gifted photographer and gives me pictures that touch my heart.

She assumes the best of me.

Her home is always open for a spontaneous visit. She is amazingly hospitable and I always feel at home in her home.

She remembers my birthday and truly celebrates with me.

When I tell a funny story, her laugh comes deep from her toes up.

She takes initiative to fill in the holes when I goof up.

Her hugs are big. Her hugs are meaningful.

She prioritizes family and creatively communicates her acceptance and her love.

Most of her energy goes into loving people. 

Kathy truly knows how to “rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn.”  (Romans 12:15) I have never met another person who empathizes and comes along side people more earnestly than Kathy.  I know I am loved when I am with her. She sets the standard high when it comes to giving of self and I have learned much about loving from her example.

I am honored to be your sister, Kathy…and I love you. Have a happy, happy day!

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  1. Danae

    Happy birthday kathy!!!

  2. How humbling !! Thank you for the kind words and sentiments, But I have very loving and supportive friends on whom I can always count, and who have shown ME much love. This includes you, Diane !!
    My Mom was the most giving person I have ever known. Never did she think of herself first. Friends remember dropping in to our home or cottage when she was living with us, and the first thing she would do was offer them coffee, homemade cake, cookies or bread.
    When Larry and I were dating, he would bring me home and as if by magic, we would find a hot pot of tea and Larry’s favourite Orange Cake at the kitchen table with two cups and saucers. SHE was love !! How we miss her…
    How does the song go ??? I taught it in kindergarten..

    “Love is something if you give it away, you’ll end up having more.”

    That’s why I feel so loved !! Pass it on!

  3. leigh

    You are a Blessed woman to have such a precious friend/sister… amazing how our God “returns the years the locusts have eaten!” xoxo

    • Hi Leigh……so good to hear from you….where have you been? Catch me up on what’s going on? Diane

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