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Life After Poppy

Hey, it’s me – Phoenix!

So, before Poppy was born, this is what I thought life would be like.

There’s going to be a cute little baby in the house who would “ga,ga,goo,goo” some of the day and sleep the rest of the day. I didn’t think life would be too different. Maybe, I’d have more chores or something but hey, this is just a twelve-inch baby body coming into our house – how much change could really happen? I felt a little nervous about the baby being around 24/7 because she might interrupt my schedule a bit but I didn’t lose any sleep over it.

Boy, was I wrong.

As Nana and I blog at this very moment, Poppy is screaming. Even though Mom just fed her and put her down for a nap, Poppy is making her presence known….again. Half the time, Poppy screams and cries and most of the other time, she soaks up everyone’s attention. Maybe she will be a celebrity. I don’t feel left out because mom is very aware of her time with me but her crying bothers me when I’m trying to watch a movie and she’s crying beside me.

My favourite time with Poppy is in the morning, when she’s calm. Mom brings her down to my room when I’m waking up and I really like hangin’ out with Poppy when she’s all cuddly.  One day, she ruined it for me when she threw up all over while she was lying right beside me.  Nice way to wake up!

These days, Poppy is losing hair on the top of her head so she looks like an old man. Her skin is peeling a little too. Everyday, there’s something different about her. She’s almost five weeks old but she sure demands a lot of attention. I really like when Poppy smiles. I haven’t kissed her yet but I don’t like kissing anybody. I can tell she’s growing because her mid section is getting pretty chunky. She’s all filled with milk!

I love Poppy. It’s cool having a baby sister around here but I’m glad I don’t have to take care of her all the time!

Phoenix Slobodian




  1. Cynthia Reyes

    Great post, Phoenix! Glad you have a sweet baby sister and you are so kind with her.

    • Diane (Author)

      He’s a really good big brother. Very kind and patient. Just doesn’t like the crying stuff. 🙂

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