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Like Mom, Like Mom

Phoenie is in a Grade One-Two split and one of his Grade 2 friends asked Phoenie to come for a sleepover. Phoenie was very excited about going to Jonathan’s house for the night. Dawne had some reservations but she knew the mother of the other child and had done her due diligence in checking out the family, going to the house, talking with Jonathan’s parents, asking for advice from Chris and I and preparing Phoenie.

The next morning, to their horror, Dawne and Guy found out that Phoenie had stayed up all night with Jonathan and had finally gone to bed at 6:00 a.m.  Dawne was furious and Phoenie was a mess for two days.  Who lets their  eight year old child stay up all night watching movies and playing video games, and with a six year old guest??? Talk about a  “done deal” recipe for a cranky boy!

Dawne is a wonderful mother but she regrets letting Phoenie go to this sleepover. She is careful with what Phoenie watches on TV and strongly regulates video games.  She would much rather see Phoenie outside, playing hockey with Dad, making pirate patches and looking for bugs and spiders.  This experience really upset Dawne and it led to an interesting conversation with me this weekend.

“Mom, I feel terrible. I shouldn’t have let Phoenie go to this sleepover.  The two of them stayed up all night and watched videos. I don’t even let Phoenie watch Pokemon! I don’t know why, other than the fact that you never let us watch that show when we were growing up!”

We laughed at the absurdity of her comment but it got me thinking about parenting.

Do you hear yourself saying comments to Phoenie that I used to say when you were young?  You know…things that you were determined not to say when you became a mom?  

Dawne smiled.

All the time Mom… all the time.”


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  1. leigh hollowell

    and the cycle continues! i am starting to mis-pronounce words like my mom began to do in her mid-life years! When does the daughter become the mother, and the mother become the daughter? interesting~

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