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Like the Wind

Ever had one of those days that you’re so delighted in what God is doing in your life that everything else becomes secondary?

I had one of those days yesterday — and before I knew it, it was 10:00 at night and I hadn’t posted a blog. This is unusual because I love to look for Jesus in my days and write about it. Yesterday was different. I experienced Jesus in my day and basked in the moment. No writing…just basking.

Let me explain.

My Monday morning started off with a wonderful phone call with a friend. We catch up with each other twice a week and yesterday, we talked for a very long time. During this phone call, I was reminded that I am definitely an external processor.  I take what’s going on in my inner world, and externalize it — this is how I process information and make decisions. In the midst of the conversation, I strongly sensed the Holy Spirit’s clarification and leading — it is time to let something go and start something new.

Definitive change. New season in life.

When the Holy Spirit works, life changes —just like our water front when the wind blows.

Yesterday, the lake was more water, less ice.

mostly water April 2015


When the south west wind came, things started changing.

water and ice April 14.2015


Within hours, everything had changed. It was a totally new look.

all ice April 14.2015

I’m a very pro-active, goal-oriented woman and this trait has its positive and negatives. I can run with a plan that is completely “me-made”, rather than waiting to see what God has for me.

Yesterday was different. Today is a new day.

As Terry Wardle writes in his book, Draw Close to the Fire, “The Holy Spirit is God within us, abiding faithfully in the interior throne room of our lives. We need only turn there in surrender and stillness to discover the wonder of our divine Helper and Friend.  (page 54)

The Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.                                2 Corinthians 3.17


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