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Little Thieves

Every morning this week, I’ve awakened to the sound of early, bustling life outside my window.  If it’s not a snow plow, it’s a garbage truck…and it’s loud because I like sleeping with the window open, snuggled under the duvet but feeling the crisp air in the bedroom.  I have to admit, it’s been a little annoying but “It is what it is.”  I’ve heard this phrase numerous times in the past few weeks – different contexts and different people – but most often spoken with a healthy resignation about the inevitable irritants of life.  Google defines it as a phrase that “seems to simply state the obvious but actually means  it will be what it is,” as in ” it ain’t gonna change, so deal with it.”

Life is filled with irritating, life-sucking moments – little thieves that can potentially rob the joy out of our days.

– I’m well into a relaxing shower, I reach for the shampoo and discover that someone in my family has taken it to the downstairs bathroom.

– I go for a glass of milk and someone has left three drops in the container.

– I am determined to carry every purse, box, bottle, loose paper, garbage, binder and grocery item from the car to the house in one trip but realize that I have no hands to unlock the front door when I get there, so I have to put everything down in the snow.

– I go to put a load of laundry in and find that both the washer and dryer are filled with clothes.

– I walk out of the mall and have absolutely no idea where my car is parked.

– I run out of the house, my purse strap catches on the door handle and my entire body is jolted and immobilized.

– I’m driving on a really slushy road, all the cars are splattering mud on the front window of my car and I realize I have no more windshield fluid.

– I finish a grocery shopping, spend $43.28 and come home without the item that I went shopping for in the first place.

– I’ve cleaned the bathroom and less than thirty minutes later,  my daughter has dropped powder blush onto the white bathroom rugs.

– I’m working on a document, forgotten to save it and somehow lost it after two hours of focused work.

– I get dressed early morning when it’s dark and arrive at work with my blouse inside out and two different colored shoes.

Get my drift?

These are the moments that I come face-to-face with in my messy world. I wrestle with whether to give power to these little thieves and then hopefully, walk away laughing at myself! My desire is to get through these moments more gracefully but my revenge is to write about them!

Can you share with me some of the thieves that attempt to rob you of the joy in your day?

Song of Solomon 2:15

Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom.

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  1. Danae

    Like when you buy a car and 2 weeks later you find that someone has keyed it?
    Or when you buy a parking pass for school to park in the close lots but when ever you get to the school there is never a close spot anyways ?

    Which daughter spilt blush on your carpet??

  2. Yes, EXACTLY!
    ….well, I don’t want to say any names….but it wasn’t you! Love mom

  3. Loraine Chan

    You reminded me a song or quote “Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves – regret for the past and fear of the future.”

    – I run out of the house, my purse strap catches on the door handle and my entire body is jolted and immobilized. – It happens to me every morning, almost! Very annoying.

  4. kathy

    I am driving to the mall to exchange and gift and when I get there, I remember I left it at home in the front hall.

    I put my cup pf coffee in a ceramic mug (don’t like the portable kind) on the roof of the car as I settle everything else in. I close the door and drive off. A few blocks down the road I realize what I have doe. I stop. No mug. No coffee.

    I leave for the day and realize I still have my cellphone plugged in and charging at home.

    Just a few….God bless your day!!

  5. Coco

    I can’t recall the last one…with different colored shoes!

    how about this,

    After waiting for the longest shower in the world, as soon as you step into the bathtub and realize all the hot water has been used, and now you are wet from head to toe, FREEZING.

    • Been there too, Coco! The shoe episode happened before your time!! Diane

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