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Live. Love. Laugh. Look.

I’m thankful for this freezing rain, wet snow and foggy day. I needed a day when all my commitments were cancelled because of the weather.

Last week brought some unexpected trials and consequently, I put all the day-to-day responsibilities on the back burner. The two muscle relaxing pills that I took to ease my back spasm didn’t contribute to any productivity either  – they put me asleep for a long winter’s nap on Saturday afternoon.

Today is a new day. A quiet day.

Danae is at home resting after her car accident. She is still very sore and recuperating from a concussion, whiplash and a great deal of soft tissue damage. I want to communicate my sincere thanks to all of you who prayed for our daughter this past week – I know it meant so much to Danae, knowing that people were thinking of her. Apparently, she’s starting to go a little stir crazy today, sitting at home and doing nothing but I know that she continues to marvel at the fact that she’s alive. She hopes to be able to return to work next week.

This morning, I saw this picture on Daily Encouragement Net,  an on-line Bible teaching ministry of Stephen & Brooksyne Weber. Notice the skates hanging at the back of the buggy and the beautiful shadows of the wagon wheels.

Amish buggy

I love the fact there is unexpected beauty in every day – simple moments and pictures that speak to the heart.  You can’t always explain why they move you…they just do. I wake up in the morning, looking for these moments. Even in the most difficult and dreary of days, they are there..waiting to be beheld.

It reminds me of a picture that my very talented niece took years ago.

angel in the soup

This bowl of colorful, swirling soup hangs in our guest room and every time I go in there to vacuum or change the sheets, I see an angel in the picture…and it makes me smile. It lifts my spirit.  ( Can you see the angel?)

It’s good to expect great things from God. The abundant life includes these simple but glorious moments of delight…but it takes discipline to anticipate and look for His creative hand on your day.

Live. Love. Laugh

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  1. Kathy taylor

    Beautifully put and shown. Yes it is a little bit of heaven when I see the diamonds in the snow on an extremely cold wintry day, a thick layer of icing clinging to the pine branch on a warmer day, or the beautiful blue of youth shining in a 93 year old lady’s eyes.
    Precious frames of memorable moments.

    • I couldn’t have put it any better! So well said, Sis!

  2. Loraine Chan

    I just caught up with your blog and I’m thankful God has protected your daughter. I continue thank God for sharing your lives. I am blessed because of you.

    • Thank you Loraine, for your kinds words. Diane

  3. Jessie Burgess

    PTL for touching Danae and healing her body. I will continue to pray for her Diane. Did the insurance cover her car? It must be a major concern for her. xoxo ‘Mrs. B.’

  4. Didn’t realize you were also a Daily Encouragement reader. I feel like I know those people; that I could show up at their front door in Pennsylvania and say, “Hey, It’s me!” while they decided whether to slam the door or call the police.

    No, they wouldn’t do that… Even though they don’t post comments on the site, there is wonderful sense of community there.

    • Yes, a friend of mine introduced the Daily Encouragement post to me. I don’t know much about these people but I like reading the blog. It does indeed encourage me!

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