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Living In A Small Town 4

Last night, we slept with the window open.  This morning, Chris and I woke up with the sound of chattering birds outside.  After breakfast, I hung  some freshly washed laundry hamper liners on the outside line.  Tulips have popped their little heads our of the soil in the front garden and I’m scampering across the road to the recycle bins without wearing a jacket.  Spring has sprung – it is officially spring, according to the calendar and I’m feeling it too!

When you live on the water,  spring looks like this.



Recently, we had a warm spell that caused the ice to melt along the edges of the lake.  Subsequently, when it got windy, it allowed the ice to shift and the momentum caused it to buckle up against the shore, much like a glacier does, only being propelled by wind instead of gravity.

All the fish huts have been brought in to shore and the river near our house is flowing – no ice left there.  I’ve actually heard Chris talk about our boat so I imagine, he will be taking a little trip to the local marina to look at his baby soon.  He recently got his boating license so he is ready to go, as soon as the lake thaws and the weather warms up.

I am really looking forward to getting up early in the morning, packing breakfast for two and heading out on the misty water to fish with Chris.  I think I will probably be doing more crocheting of blankets than actual fishing but it will be wonderful to spend those quiet mornings in the boat, watching my husband doing what he loves to do – hauling in the big fish.  I’m hoping that he isn’t planning on hanging any of his catches on our walls but I’m sure there will be plenty of fish stories in his repertoire, once the fishing season begins!

Fishing is one of the biggest reasons that we moved to a small town –  can’t do that in Aurora.

It’s going to be good.  Really good.

Oh, here is something else that spring has recently heralded into our lives. This is not so good.


I see it as good practice for when the spiders start coming.

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  1. Danae

    Hope you get rid of the spiders before I come to visit.

  2. Linda

    Put small piles of cornmeal where you see ants.
    They eat it, take it ‘home’, can’t digest it so it kills them.
    It may take a week or so, especially if it rains,
    but it works and you don’t have the worry about pets
    or small children being harmed!

    I don’t know if it actaully works, but it’s worth a try!
    xo Linda

    • Kathy Taylor

      I just read to sprinkle coffee grounds on and around the ant hills . I did it on our lawn, and it’s working. They’re supposed to implode when they eat the grounds

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