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Look Up. Look Way Up.

When the visitors come, of course we Canadians faithfully take a trip to the CN tower in Toronto.

Things are really different around this area of Toronto since I last visited . . . which I believe was about ten years ago. Well, actually, I’m not sure things have changed as much as my equilibrium. Something in my inner ear has definitely changed – five minutes of walking on the glass floor 553 meters up and I was spent – I was nauseous and had a nagging headache for the rest of the day.

We were hoping to do the Edge Walk but to our chagrin, this adventure would have cost the three of us $600.00 plus tax so we decided that lying on the glass floor was more attuned to our budget. After getting up to the top and looking down, lying on the floor was more attuned to our level of risk-taking too!

Yolanda and Diane on glass floor

It was wonderful to be together again with my friend from Spain. We met last summer and how lovely it was to sit under covers on Thursday night, drinking chai into the wee hours of the night, giggling and catching up on each other’s lives.

Isn’t it wonderful when we connect with others?

We’re made for community.

We heal in community.

We grow in community.

There’s something so sacred about feeling safe with another person. Vulnerable and authentic. Being real.

Thanks, for the visit, Yolanda, Thanks for the memories.



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