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Look up!

There is nothing better than a childrens’ Christmas concert.  I loved watching them when my kids were young and I look forward to them even more now that I no longer need to sit in the audience, trembling with fear and trepidation that it will be my child who is picking his nose up there on the stage!

Last year, Phoenie’s Senior Kindergarten class spent a few weeks learning the words to “O Come All Ye Faithful” and the teacher taught them special signs to go along with the lyrics.  The afternoon of the concert,  the children filed up onto the stage for the run through of the program.   Everyone knew where to stand and how to watch for their cue.  They had the signs down pat, they were singing loudly and most importantly, they looked adorable.

Show time was 7pm and the kindergarten children waited patiently in the pews for their turn to sing.  They were all dressed nicely and were so excited to show their song to the audience.  When they were cued, they quietly stood up, walked onto the stage and started to sing.  They were coming to the end of their performance and rounding the corner to that climatic chorus, “O Come let us adore Him, O Come let us us adore Him, O Come let us adore Him, Christ the King.”  The children knew exactly what to do and I watched Phoenie confidently raise his arms, look up, and praise God as he sung those last lines.

The song ended and while the audience showed their appreciation by clapping, the children lowered their arms…everyone but Phoenie.  He just stood there with his arms raised and his eyes lifted up.  People in the audience were commenting on how wonderful it was that such a young child could worship God with such adoration and focus.  The children turned and started to walk off the stage and there was Phoenie, still standing there with arms opened wide, looking up to God.  Finally, the boy beside him nudged him and said, “GO!”  Phoenie quietly lowered his arms and walked off the stage.  It was a wonderful moment to see a young child stand in awe of Jesus.

After the concert, we went over to Phoenie and told him how proud we were and commented on how well he had sung.  He looked at us and said, “Those spotlights on top of us were so cool.  They weren’t there when we practiced this afternoon but they were so bright tonight, I was staring at them the whole time.”

May we stand, arms up and hearts abandoned – in awe of The Light of the World, Jesus Christ, who was born on Christmas day.

May you and your family have a peace-filled Christmas.

In Him our Hope,


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  1. Karen Perrott

    Thanks for sharing this. What a wonderful picture of what our stance should be ,especially at this time of year. ( in our hearts anyway!)
    It ‘s amazing, the things our kids teach us!

  2. kathy taylor

    Read this entry with tears welling up in my eyes….it’s so true of how we learn from the young. Phoenix is so precious.
    After tonight’s Family Christmas Eve service, my 2 1/2 year old grandson said to his Dad, my son, “That was nice”.
    Don’t you just love little children and what they help us see ???
    Merry Christmas and A Thousand Blessings !!

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