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Love What You Do

I’ll admit it – I love to people watch…but not just any place, any time people watching.  I love to watch people when they’re engaged in something that they just love to do.  It could be solving a math problem or making homemade cards, wind-surfing or knitting socks; but if I was a photographer, those are the moments that I would be going after;  snapshots of people who are completely absorbed in the moment.  The rest of the world could explode but all that matters is right there, right now, doing what they were made to do.  Let me give you some recent examples.

Last night, my husband and I spent the evening with some very special friends.  We had just finished a scrumptious meal and we were tossing the idea around that we should head into a rip-roaring game of ping-pong but somehow, we  settled for plunking our bottoms down in the comfy living room chairs and chatting away the rest of the evening.  Our host had made her way into the kitchen, intending to do a bit of clean up but stopped to spend some quality time with Izzy, her cat.  She didn’t know I was watching and for a couple of minutes,  the two of them shared a special tête-à-tête  conversation. It was really lovely to watch. Izzy is lucky to have such great humans.

Another picture just came to mind – fishing in Sioux Lookout with my husband.  As Chris sat at the tiller of that boat and headed out to the open water, every muscle in his body was relaxed, his hair was flying in the wind and he became a different man. When he hauled in a massive pickerel, he had a grin from ear to ear and never could he be more satisfied. It was the same facial expression that he has when he plays his bass guitar on Sunday mornings.

This afternoon, I met with a local politician and it was quite obvious that this woman REALLY loves what she’s doing. It was just delightful to watch her care so deeply, communicate so passionately and anticipate strong times for this country so convincingly.  She is a woman of great conviction and she is thriving as the recently appointed parliamentary secretary to the Minister of International Cooperation.  Yet, she made it very clear that she would also be delighted to come and speak at our next OVERFLOW meeting.  I was so deeply moved by her energy and her drive to represent her constituency in parliament, as well as to passionately serve people, one-on-one.

Eric Liddell, Olympic runner and missionary, regarded his ability to run as a special gift from God and he wanted to use this gift for God’s glory. Whether Eric Liddell actually said the following words or they were just words from the movie, Chariots of Fire, they are words of truth.

“I believe God made me for a purpose, but He also made me fast. And when I run, I feel His pleasure”.

When I write, I feel His pleasure.  When my friend painstakingly decorates cookies, she feels His pleasure and when little Phoenie plays Donkey Kong on his DS…well…hmmm…


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