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Making Space For Us

There’s something about “no commitments” Saturdays. Chris and I stayed up late last night, slept in this morning and when we woke up and reviewed our day, a wonderful sense of calm took over us. No commitments, no “to-do” list to methodically check off, no visitors,no interruptions, no rush…it was marvelous. We had a leisurely breakfast, while reading and discussing a devotion for couples entitled, “The Emotional Bank Account.”  

The big idea is that everyone has an emotional bank account, into which others make deposits and withdrawals.  In a marriage, a couple makes deposits into each other’s accounts by meeting each other’s needs for deep listening, support, communication, intimacy, time together and kindness. On the contrary, we make withdrawals when we don’t prioritize and care for each other  – and when this happens repeatedly, it leads to bankruptcy.

Chris and I want the assets to far exceed the liabilities…and today has been a day when we’ve been able to focus on us.  One of my favorite moments of the day was when the two of us lay on a couch together, held onto each other and just listened to great music for an hour. We made time for us and the emotional bank account was filled to overflowing. Another good moment was when the two of us were sitting in the same room – he was reading and I was studying – and there was complete comfort and security in the silence.

So simple. So quiet. So romantic. So good.

Saturdays are good for investing in relationships that matter but in our lives, it takes a bit of planning to do nothing. It takes a bit of work to protect our time and our space because “busyness” often rules.

Chris just strutted into the living room and he said,“What a great day. Blue Jays lost and I don’t care because I’ve had a nice, lazy day.”

Nice perspective.

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.  1 Peter 4:8

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