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May Long Weekend Is Almost Over

Best way to spend a long weekend?


Chris and I are masters at puttering.

I truly do love scribbling down the “to do” list –  all those crazy, little jobs around the house that need some attention. This weekend in our house that included installing a latch on an outdoor door, cleaning the refrigerator, figuring out how to keep the groundhogs out of the garden, digging up dandelions ad nauseam, straightening up the boat house, raking flotsam and jetsam off our waterfront, planting herbs,vegetables and flowers, clearing out the linen closet, gathering up items for our church’s big yard sale, washing cupboard doors, fixing blinds, washing floors, patching and painting a bathroom wall, cleaning the high spots of the house, dusting, repairing a reindeer’s wooden head – the list got bigger as the days opened up.

It’s Monday evening and I must say, it’s been a very productive weekend. The rain stopped us from repairing our waterfront and the waves kept us from putting in the dock but all and all, it feels very satisfying to cross off a number of chores on the infamous list.

Puttering is the best. No schedule. No pressure. Nap when you need to. Stop when you want to. Contrary to dictionary definitions, puttering doesn’t have to ineffective. Getting stuff done can still be fun, leisurely – AND productive.

Who else spent the long weekend puttering?






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