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Me and Poppy

As I was taking a picture of Phoenie and Poppy, Phoenie mentioned, “It’s not all about me anymore, Nana.”

Diane: It’ll always be about you, Phoenie. Moms have this ability to love more and more. 

Phoenie:”Mom, why is Poppy jolting?”

Dawne: “She’s just hiccuping. 

Phoenie: “Well, I don’t like the feeling of that on my stomach.”

Diane: What’s the best part of having Poppy?

Phoenie: When she’s awake and her eyes are really wide and she’s looking at me. My favourite part of her is her big head on her little body.

Diane: What’s the weirdest part of having a baby in the house?

Phoenie: She seems to wait until I’m holding her to poop. 

Diane:  Poppy is almost a week old now.

Phoenie:  It’s like her anniversary! I thought things around here would change a lot after Poppy was born but it hasn’t changed as much as I thought it would. I was hoping I could miss a day of school when Poppy came home but no….I had to go to school.  I really like it when Poppy lies with me in the morning while mom does other stuff. But I also held her when I was watching Big Bang Theory last night. I think Poppy likes Sheldon because I like Sheldon. I think it’s funny how 1/4 of Poppy’s length is her head, because a normal person’s head is like an eighth or tenth of their body length so if a grown man had a head that size it would droop down wherever they went.

Diane: You’re awesome and gentle and loving with Poppy, Phoenie.     

Phoenie:   Thanks, Nana. I love Poppy. 




  1. Reading this…ears of joy sprung up in me and my eyes started to leak!

  2. Cynthia Reyes

    I love this post, Diane and Phoenie!

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