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Mingling With The Writers

I attended my first writers get- together last night – a completely new experience for me.

I have learned that writing can be a lonely existence. Although I thoroughly enjoy the solitude, the “rhythm” of the writing day, the glorious “Aha” moments and the discipline needed to formulate and articulate my ideas on paper, I recently went through a very emotional time when I realized how alone I felt in the process. I needed to rub up against some other writers.

A caring friend graciously connected me with a writer in the Waterloo area and I was quick to respond.  Susan and I emailed back and forth, I persuaded a faithful friend to go on a little road trip with me and before we knew it, the two of us were blazing our way through a blizzard, looking for a funky gelato cafe, 201 kilometers away.

It was an honor to hang out with a knowledgeable, kind hearted, creative, encouraging, accomplished and published author. I really appreciated Susan’s war stories, wisdom and wit. She has “been there, done that” and I hung on her every word. I could have asked a thousand more questions and from my perspective, our time together went by much too quickly (perhaps for her, it was long enough!) but Susan had to leave and get ready for the evening commitment, which she was hosting.

So, why did I think it was a good idea to drive 201 kilometers and battle a snow storm so that I could attend an evening with other writers? Well, I need them and I’d like to think that they need me. We need each other.

Susan had taken the initiative to bring local writers together so they could talk with and listen to each other – she had no loftier purpose or hidden agenda. She knew that writers need the “iron sharpens iron” impact of each others’ lives and stories –  and she successfully “hit the mark”  when she pulled us all together. It was a great night. A group of about thirty people met, mingled, drank some kind of crazy Aztec hot chocolate concoction and listened to each other lament about our writing aches and pains, as well as share our successes. We talked, we listened and we laughed.  These moments were health for the heart and wealth for the soul.

Linda and I also talked to a man who had recently published his first book. He was humble and humorous. We just couldn’t help but rejoice with him as he showed us the final product of “UNSCROOGED” – a delightful twist on the infamous Scrooge story. Thank you, Roy – for your contagious enthusiasm about writing. It was a real highlight of the evening to meet and talk with you.

The longer I write, the more passionately I believe that this road of writing is not an easily travelled one but without question, there is great joy in the journey.

The desire to write grows with writing.  Desiderius Erasmus

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  1. Thanks for your kind words — and for your courage in driving through the elements to come! It was great to meet you. I hope you don’t mind me posting this to the Storywell Facebook page.

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