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Monster Mountain

It’s always a good day with Isaiah and Mikaela.  ( Please see December 4th and January 26th posts)  When I rang their doorbell this morning, I could hear the sound of Isaiah’s little feet running to the door, in anticipation of another fun day together – that just warms my heart.  Mikeala has been a quiet “by-sitter” during  our adventures thus far but it won’t be long before she is up and running too!

After conquering Monster Mountain this morning, I recapped the victory with Isaiah in the form of telling a story.  He then proceeded to ask me to repeat the same story five more times; so I thought I would share it the way that Isaiah heard and experienced it.

One sunny day,  Diane came over to Isaiah’s house to play.  After all, it was time for another adventure!  She rang the doorbell and she heard his his little feet a’runnin to the door.  The door opened and there was Isaiah, standing tall and waiting to explore the world again!

“Let”s go outside!” Diane said with glee.  “It’s beautiful out here!  We gotta’ get all bundled up and hit the roads!”

Isaiah was more than ready to get going so he zipped up his jacket and pushed his feet into his winter boots.  Mom got Mikaela all stuffed into her snowsuit and as you can see, she was raring to go too! (The problem was all she could move were her eyes!)


The three musketeers said their goodbyes to Mom and off they went, traveling over hill and dale,  across roads and fields, passing ice ponds and the Superstore.  Suddenly,  Isaiah caught a glimpse of a big snow and ice ball!

“Can we carry this big ice ball in the stroller, Diane?”

“That’s not a stroller – that’s a boulder holder truck!” replied Diane.  “And yes, we sure can!” she continued.

Isaiah was thrilled! (So thrilled that he didn’t notice that Diane had lured him into the Superstore to do a mini grocery shopping, ice boulders and all. Mission accomplished! The story goes on…)

As they left the store, Diane looked over to the left and there it was, MONSTER MOUNTAIN! ( a big pile of snow that the snowplow had left in the parking lot)

“Isaiah, THAT’S Monster Mountain and I don’t know any little children who have been able to climb to the top.  It’s too hard and it’s too high.   I think you’re too small, Isaiah.  Maybe next year, we can come back and you can try to get to the top of that mountain.”

Well, Isaiah was up for the challenge. ” I know I can do it, Diane and when I get to the top, I am going to throw ice boulders down that mountain.”

Well, that’s exactly what Isaiah did.  He climbed…and he climbed…and he climbed…it seemed like it was hours before Isaiah got to the top. (It looks like the sun has gone down in the picture but it was actually about 30 seconds of very casual climbing)

Isaiah made it to the peak and he threw his arms up in victory!


It was a day that would go down in history  (and a story that had to be told many times this afternoon.)

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  1. Karen Perrott

    I loved the “Monster Mountain ” story!! Maybe you have an additional “calling” to write children’s’ stories!

  2. Danae

    Thats a great blog. You are probably Isiah and Mikeala’s favourite babysitter!!! sounds like a pretty fun day.

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