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Mother Goose

It was a sad day for me – Danielle is heading back to work so yesterday was my last official adventure time with Isaiah and Mikaela.  For those who have been reading this blog on a regular basis,  you know that I have been watching my friend’s young children once a month while Mommy goes and does whatever she goes and does when she gets a day off!  It’s been a joy to ring the doorbell and hear Isaiah’s little feet running towards the front door, eager to greet me and super ready for an adventure! (Mikeala is a whisper away from walking on her own so for the past few months, she has spent most of our adventures sleeping in a stroller!)

Well, it was a rainy day yesterday so what better way to start an adventure than to slip on the old rain boots and skip down the street, dodging worms! Isaiah was fascinated with all the “squiggles” on the road and he was firing questions at a rapid speed.  ” Diane, where did all these guys come from?” “Where do worms live? ‘What are worms made of?”  I shudder to think of what we used to do with worms when I was younger!

We managed to make it around the corner, across the grass, onto the sidewalk, through the intersection, down the hill, across the train tracks, beside the fire truck,  past the playground and onto the bridge… just in time to meet Father Goose on the lookout and Mother Goose sitting on her eggs.

father goose

So much excitement for one morning!  We headed back home along a different path and talked about Mother Goose the whole way! Talk about a segue to reciting nursery rhymes!

Somehow, over strawberries and English muffins, Isaiah and I got to talking about worms again so I decided that after a little quiet time, we would make a fort and pretend that we were worms living in the ground.  Unfortunately, mom came home in the middle of fort building and we also ran out of important fort making equipment so I left mom with a collapsing fort-mess in the living room.

I have loved playing with Isaiah and Mikeala these past few months.  I’m definitely going to have to figure out a way to stay in their lives….maybe suggest some date afternoons for mom and dad???

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  1. Kathy

    When I read the title I assumed you were referring to yourself!!! You have become Mother Gopse for Isaiah and Milkeala!!!
    Bless you for your love and care for the children AND their mother!!!

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