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Mother’s Day 2017

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.

We celebrated last night at my daughter’s house, while we enjoyed a delicious family meal together but wait – this surprise came today.


I love tulips – can’t get enough of them – they are such a happy flower. Thank you to my wonderful, thoughtful and loving husband.

When I took a breather from a third day of physical and exhausting work this afternoon, I’ve thought about all the Mother’s Day cards and gifts that I’ve received from the kids over the years – macaroni and glue picture frames, homemade pop up cards, “seeds of love” to plant in the garden, candles of gratitude, plaster hand prints, burnt pancakes served in bed, special poems and creative chore coupons.  I’ve enjoyed every expression of love that Dawne, Danae and Drew have given me and all the precious memories are within arm’s reach so I can sit and smile.

What really moves my heart is when my children spontaneously reach out to me.  They are all busy with various commitments – school, work, parenting, etc – but when they make time to text, phone and visit, it communicates so much to me.  I know I frustrate them when they ask me what I would like for Mother’s Day and I tell them, “I don’t need anything” but it’s true…I just like having them around. So, last night was special because everyone made time after their tiring weeks, to express their love. I definitely missed having our second oldest daughter around to celebrate with the family – it’s never quite complete without her.

As the world takes a breath to acknowledge all mothers, may we always remember those who nurtured and loved us unconditionally. Mothers, step mothers, birth mothers, adoptive mothers and mothers of the heart. May we continue to unconditionally love and nurture.

We have indeed been blessed.


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