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Mother’s Day

Chris has been travelling this week so I was really looking forward to seeing him.  I was sitting in the TV room last night, madly crocheting away (yes, I am still working on this ridiculously large blanket for Danae) when I heard his car pull up.  I opened the front door, expecting to greet Chris and there was my son walking towards the door with a huge bag of dirty laundry! Chris and Drew had planned it all – Chris would get off work early,  drive from Detroit to London, pick up Drew from university and bring him home for the weekend! It was the perfect Mother’s Day surprise…well, the laundry was no surprise but Drew’s presence was certainly appreciated.

As I sit here, I can remember all sorts of Mother’s Day cards and gifts that I’ve received from the kids over the years – macaroni and glue picture frames, homemade pop up cards, “seeds of love” to plant in the garden, candles of gratitude, plaster hand prints, burnt pancakes served in bed, special poems and creative chore coupons.  I’ve enjoyed every expression of love that Dawne, Danae and Drew have given me.

What really moves my heart is when my children spontaneously reach out to me.  They are all busy with various commitments – school, work, parenting, etc – but when they make time to text, phone and visit, it communicates so much to me.  I know I frustrate them when they ask me what I would like for Mother’s Day and I tell them, “I don’t need anything” but it’s true…I just like having them around.

This afternoon was perfect.  My elderly neighbours volunteered to be my gardening mentors so I put on my rubber boots and gardening gloves and headed to their “Gardening 101” class. They helped me plant beans, peas, carrots and green onions today.  Tomatoes are coming soon.  Chris and Drew put the dock and the water line in and we even had two minutes of bliss, sitting at the end of the dock and enjoying the moment.

Apparently, Chris and Drew are cooking dinner tonight.  As Chris so cunningly questioned me this morning, “ Drew and I were wondering what you wanted us to steak…I mean “make” for dinner tonight….looks like we’re having barbecued steak for Mother’s Day!  After dinner, Drew is taking Chris and I to the movies and I think that Drew just ruined a surprise by asking me when Danae was coming tonight!

Then again, what mother hasn’t pretended to be surprised at some point in her life? Right?


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  1. Barb

    Thank you Diane for another window into your life. Happy Mother’s Day Diane. Enjoy every moment!
    Love Barb

  2. Karen Perrott

    Enjoy your special day and your kids!

  3. danae

    Actually the last few years. I asked what you want and you say a facial. You never say you don’t need anything anymore. I miss the days when you didn’t need anything !!

    • Danae slobodian

      Actually, you’re right, Danae. I do love facials! So, anytime……

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