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My 10th Birthday – by Phoenix Slobodian

I’m back! Ā  šŸ™‚

. . . and I’m officially into my double digits.

Now that I’m ten years old, I feel like there’s more responsibility but I’m allowed to do more stuff too. I still can’t sit in the front seat of the car yet. I think I have to weigh a lot more before I can experience this privilege!

Last night, Papak and Nana came over and brought me like a bundle of presents. It was epic! I started into the bags.

Phoenie starting to open her birthday presents

My top three favourite presents are:

1. Yahtzee – it’s a game that teaches you Math in a fun way, which I didn’t know was possible!

2. My first chess game – I LOVE chess and I could never play it at home because I didn’t have my own set. I like playing chess with PapakĀ but apparently, my mom doesn’t like Chess so she is happy when Papak comes to visit.

3. My “642 Things to Draw” book – I LOVE to draw and I finally have a Doodle book but I also want to show you a picture that took me five days to finish. I was really excited to show it to Papak and Nana.

Phoenie and his picture


Phoenie's first chess set




Papak and Phoenie bunny ears

PapakĀ and I like to fool around but last night, he also gave me a present, just from him. It’s a big box that looks like a book and it belonged to Papak for a long time. He gave it to me to keep all my cool stuff in.

I’ve decided to keep my weapons in this box. Papak is so proud..!?*#%! (Ha,ha)

Phoenie 10th b'day papak and Phoenie

This morning, I am blogging and wrestling with Papak at the same time. He squished the air out of me so I can’t blog any more.

Phoenix Slobodian



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