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My Crazy Science Teacher

Hi! It’s Phoenix – again.

Nana is visiting to help Mom clean up the house because she’s having a baby soon and she wants everything in order because she says she won’t have much free time with four kids!

I got hit in the nose today with a softball. That word,“soft ball” is really deceiving because it really hurt. There was lots of blood.

In Science today, we made a methane cannon. That same Science teacher tried to electrocute me a few days ago!

Let me tell you THAT story.

He told my friend and I to sit down on two separate chairs, beside each other. Then the teacher pulled out a little device – a cone-shaped thing with a button on top –  and there was copper and some other metal (that I can’t remember) wires running out of the bottom of it.  He put one wire near my knee and the other wire near my friend’s knee.

Then he pushed a button and ZAPPED both of us on the knee.

It hurt! Aren’t teachers supposed to make school safe for their students?

Anyways, today was the methane cannon experiment.

The good news is that I didn’t blow up.

Hm…my teacher used the same cone-shaped thing again.  I’m wondering about that little device.

He put some methane liquid into a very contorted 2-litre soda bottle and then pumped some oxygen into the bottle. Then he corked the bottle. He counted down.

5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1…

He clicked that mysterious cone-shaped device and the entire bottle lit up with electricity and a bit of fire and the cork popped out and hit the roof.  I had noticed some holes in the roof and I guess that’s how they got there!

It was pretty cool…until he told us that we had to write what we saw in our Science journals.

So, that’s that about that.

I’m heading outside to play baseball with Nana now. I’m going to try really hard not to hit her…unless she makes me mad! 🙂

She doesn’t make me mad – she makes me chai!

Signing off,

Phoenix Slobodian


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