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My Pioneer Day

I woke up to my favourite kind of day – lots of wind and lots of white caps on the water. Yahoo! I opened the windows wide and I have been breathing the intoxicating, cool air since early morning. I have to confess that I’ve had enough of summer – bring on the fall!

This is the season that brings out the pioneer woman in me. If I didn’t believe in the sovereignty of God, I would be convinced that I was born in the wrong era (except that I do wonder what menopausal women did with their hot spells without an air conditioner and a nearby lake). When the leaves start turning color, I get crafty and thrifty, I love watching freshly washed laundry blowing on the line and today, I picked oodles of tomatoes from our garden, sterilized jars and lids and then proceeded to can my own tomatoes and tomato juice, just like Erna, my special older friend  from “down yonder” taught me to do. I rescued lots of Black Russian Tomato seeds and started the process of drying them so I can use them next year. I’ve also dried mint and oregano, basal and maggi for the winter. The summer flowers have climaxed into beautiful bunches of color in the front of the house and the hostas have taken over the side garden. The dazzling sunsets have moved south across the island too.



black russians

crooked little house



I did a little shopping for my Europe-bound explorer son (he can’t travel to the distant lands without the biggest jar of peanut butter that mom can find) and I’m making sure that he packs the homemade blanket that I crocheted for him.

As I cooked dinner for my family, I had visions of log cabins, homemade biscuits, warm fires and everyone sleeping in white, flannel nighties and elasticized nightcaps – it’s all so romantic to me.  I never get tired of visiting Pioneer Village either!

But the pioneer bubble popped as we piled all our dishes in the dishwasher, checked the weather in London, England on our laptops, Drew’s fifth load of laundry was stuffed into the washing machine and to my chagrin, I noticed that Hallowe’en candy is already filling the store shelves.

Sometimes I wonder what the pioneers would have thought if they could see us now. They couldn’t argue the conveniency of our lives but from their perspective, would they label it all as progress?

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  1. Danae

    by the looks of the laundry….looks like you are STILL doing drews laundry

  2. Anne

    Just spent a weekend at a no-running-water, no-electricity cabin on an island at the lake – loved the pioneer feel, rustic surroundings, and relaxing time chatting in candlelight. HOWEVER, was glad to get back to my “modern conveniences.” We want the lifestyle without the sacrifice 🙂

  3. Kathy

    I can see you in Anne of Green Gables….on the farm, at the market, chatting with neighbours in the country store, at a quilting bee….

  4. AM

    Wow…you are canning tomatoes? I thought I was old-fashioned making jam but you are way beyond me Diane! Good for you! How fun to discover all these almost-forgotten arts!
    God bless you; your faith inspires me!

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