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I woke up about 3:30 this morning, singing a song that I made up for Dawne when she was in Grade 1!  ((that’s 21 years ago!!)  I guess Dawne has been on my mind a lot lately.

I can still remember the circumstances.  Dawne had come home for lunch in tears and told me that her friend had said something really mean about her to the rest of the class.   I felt so sad that her feelings had been hurt and I distinctly remember thinking, “Wow, it’s happening already.”   So, during lunch, I made up a song – words and tune – and I called it “The Gossip Song”. I taught it to Dawne and to this day, she has never forgotten the words.

I, on the other hand, could only remember some of the words.  So, this morning, after Dawne and I spent some time “debriefing” about the wedding, I mentioned to her that this song had been on my mind all night.  I asked her to sing the song.  She started to laugh but she remembered every word.  It went like this:

N – O – G – O – S – S  -I  -P

When you gossip, it’s bad for both you and me.

Even if you’re angry and feeling awfully blue

Before the words come out of your mouth, think it through

and ask…..

“Would you say the same thing if the person was here?

If the person you were talking about was standing right near

So assume the best of others – be careful what you say

Let’s do our best to build up and encourage everyday.”

It was good to share this moment with Dawne.

I remember spending a lot of time putting bible verses to music so that our children could remember scripture.   My friend and I created our own childrens’ devotional program based on character qualities that we taught our children for many years.  We sewed our own family advent calendars with little pockets made of felt, each filled with a Christmas symbol and its explanation and our kids would reach into the day’s pocket with anticipation – that is, until they discovered advent calendars with chocolate hiding behind each door!

What I’m trying to communicate is that it was always important to me that my children grew up with biblical values.   I enjoyed being a “stay at home” mom for many years and I made time to expose the children to the Word of God, whether it was with crazy little made-up songs or Vacation Bible Schools in the summer or Sunday school or driving to the local AWANA program or acting out the Christmas story when dad was the donkey – and I think that our kids have good memories of these times.

Hey, if Dawne can remember a song word perfect that she learned while eating lunch 21 years ago, something stuck!

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  1. Lauren

    It’s not just Dawne who remembers the song… I never knew you’d written it! As soon as I saw the title of this post, popped into my head immediately. Thanks for investing in so many of us 🙂

    • Lauren, that’s so funny that you remember the song too!

      • Lauren

        I have had this song stuck in my head for 47 days. Diane… this song is unfortunately catchy. If you know another I could replace it with, my sanity would appreciate it. Oh dear… I’m at least enjoying thinking about you all every time it pops in my head 🙂

  2. aww cute song

  3. Karen Perrott

    I’d love to learn this song. I can think of lots of people I’d like to teach the song to…

  4. kathy taylor

    Love it!! What’s the tune? -would love to teach it to my grandkids.
    Music always helps in teaching. While teaching school these past 40+ years, the lessons taught to music are the ones the students remember most, be it from kindergarten initial consonant songs to French grade 5 songs, it really makes an impact.
    I have met some of my previous kindergarten students who are in their 20s. They always remember a ditty I taught them when we were learning all about apples after being to Horton’s Apple Orchard. It had quite a beat and we rapped to “Apples turn brown from oxidation”. They were so proud of learning “oxidation” as 5-year-olds !!

  5. Barb Smith

    Thanks Diane for sharing your story. I remember clearly, much that my “nana” taught me in those early years. This encourages me to continue with me grandchildren.
    Have a great Weekend

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