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Naivety is Bliss and Our Garden Grows

~Feature image from Natalie Scarberry~

Despite the constant dirt under my fingernails, sweating buckets (it’s REALLY hot this afternoon!) and sore muscles, gardening is wonderful. Planting and taking care of vegetables is one of those activities that Chris and I really enjoy doing together. With great pride, we collected our first round of kale and beet tops for lunch today. ¬†There’s something victorious about eating fresh from the garden.

fresh kale and beet tops from our garden

Despite our groundhog concerns (I can’t figure out for the life of me why groundhogs are smart enough to stay away from the traps but so dumb that they haven’t figured out how to dig under the garden fence) ¬†our pea plants are looking really good, we saw our first tomato during this morning’s watering ritual and the cucumbers are holding their own. Our flower boxes are looking a little tired these days, our transplanted Boston Ivy is struggling to stay alive and for some reason, our basil is dying but we garden on.

We are as confident as we are naive . . . and I think that’s the perfect posture for gardening around here.

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