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New Year Word(s)

I have a friend who picks a word to encourage her throughout each year of her life. I like the idea and for 2016, I’ve decided to do the same thing but the rebel in me has chosen two words: be still. 

Jesus did not come for you to be busy but to be still

I want to cooperate more with God and come along side what He is doing in my life.

I’m not sure what stillness looks and feels like but I desire to experience it more and more.

This week, I’ve been praying about next week – the beginning of 2016. I desire next year to be one on which I can look back and say, “This was a year of intimacy with Jesus.”

John Piper once said, “God is doing 10,000 things in your life and you may be aware of three of them.” Interesting thought, isn’t it? I desire to be who God has made me. Only a place and pace of stillness will bless me with this awareness. I want to be overwhelmed with the way He is, not with commitments and relationships and duties and full schedules. I recently read, “When you’re transitioning to a new season in life, the people and situations that no longer fit you will fall away.”

Interesting statement, for sure.

I recently met with a friend who lovingly said to me, “Diane, your resilient spirit is God-given and has helped you for many years but God wants more for you. These days, perhaps your resiliency keeps you from looking at your soul.” Tough words to hear but very profound and definitely possible.

For this coming season in my life, it’s time to slow down, quietly reflect and write, time to heal, time to love and laugh. I gotta’ laugh.

. . . and I can just picture Jesus meeting me at every corner in this journey.

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  1. Kathy

    I must remember daily to give it all to Him. He’s the conductor or orchestrator of this symphony of life. Eyes on the conductor and we’ll be in tune!

    • Diane (Author)

      So very true.

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