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No Hurry

It’s true.

No matter how great your talent or effort, some things can’t be hurried.

God can create in an instant what we desire to accomplish in years but in a “get-up-eat-meals-go-to-work-exercise-be-with-family-and-friends-go-to-sleep” rhythm” kind of day, some things just can’t be rushed.


A healthy body.

A healthy mind.


Safe relationships.

Strong roots.

No regrets.



True self.

Everything that really matters –  when you’re lying on your deathbed, looking back on your life –  takes time to happen.There are no short cuts to living and loving well. I remember someone telling me years ago, “No one on their deathbed looks back and says, “Gee, I really wish I had spent more time at the office.” I’ve remembered those words and for years, my prayer has been, “Lord, more of you, less of me. Help me to simplify, sacrifice, love and live in a way that breathes this truth –  I belong to You.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best: The years teach much which the days never know.

Getting older has softened and washed away some of my sharp edges. I don’t hold on so tightly. I don’t try to understand everything, nor do I need to be understood by everyone. I am more secure in who I am. No more people pleasing. No more performing. The lessons continue and the teachers have been failure, disappointment, heartache, misunderstanding, sadness, judgment, disillusionment and immaturity – in other words . . . .LIFE.  Struggle has taught me well. I haven’t learned that much through my successes and easy times.

Culture has told me to hurry but the deep and lasting lessons, in God’s hands, have molded me – a slow and steady erosion of a hard heart as time has passed.

There is softening.

There is strengthening.

There is hope. Such hope.

To us, waiting is wasting. To God, waiting is working. Louie Giglio

It's better to wait

Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord. Psalm 27.14


  1. such a good reminder this morning…
    Having known you for along time, I can attest to the truth of your words. You are a sterling example of one who has truly learned from life, and listened and responded to God. You are a mentor to me in that regard, you reflect God’s wisdom and love.and are an inspiration to so many.

    • Diane (Author)

      So kind. Thank you, Karen. You bring a big smile to my face! Life is definitely a very persuasive teacher!

  2. jessie burgess

    Great message Diane. I am still learning valuable lessons and getting fed even at my age.

    xo ‘Mrs. B.’

    • Diane (Author)

      ..and you continue to be an inspiration to me, Mrs. B. So thankful that God brought you into my life.

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